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Hearthstone School

Hearthstone School

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College and Career Readiness

Career Readiness - A program to help students learn about different careers and the education ended for those careers.
Document Support- Teachers and staff help students with resumes, cover letters, references, job searching and accessing any government documents they may need.
Career Technical Education (CTE) Courses - There are multiple CTE courses available on campus and a new Medical Occupations course offered in Chico. These classes help students develop social and working skills that can be implemented in their future careers.
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Career Education Program (ASVAB CEP) - a tool for high school students to identify their skills and search through careers based on those skills. This is offered to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. Though this is utilized for testing for the US military, students are not obligated to share their scores with the military. Please ask the Counselor or Transition Specialist for more information.

College Readiness

Financial Aid Night(s) - Students and Parents/Guardians of students are able to receive support when applying for FAFSA and other financial aid options. All students must either complete a FAFSA form or complete an Opt-Out FAFSA form.
Reg2Go - A Butte College program for students who are enrolling in Butte College after graduating from high school. This can be completed at school, then students sign up for Orientation and go on a tour of the campus and register for classes with a Butte College Counselor. Students are accompanied by the Hearthstone Counselor and Transition Specialist. - A government-funded website to help students apply for FAFSA, colleges and look into careers.