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Public Info

Hearthstone Parent and Student Handbook Required annual notifications; rights of parents, legal guardians, and students.
B.C.O.E. Parental Annual Notification Required annual notifications; rights of parents, legal guardians, students.
Hearthstone Family Engagement Policy  
Hearthstone School-Parent Compact  
LCAP Local Control and Accountability Plan 
SARC School Accountability Report Card 
Children's Services Referral Guide Mental Health Services Act-
Schools are required to notify pupils and parents or guardians of pupils on how to initiate access to available pupil mental health services on campus or in the community. Any pupil and parent or guardian of a pupil may refer a student for mental health services by contacting the school administrative office. A school counselor and/or school psychologist can also provide information about other options to access mental health services within the community. To access mental health services within the community, please contact the Butte County Department of Behavioral Health or other mental health agency on pages 3-5. 
Mathematics Placement Protocol California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015, mandates that schools adopt a fair, objective and transparent mathematics placement policy for 9th grade students. 
Master Plan for English Learners   
BCOE Crisis Response Plan   
Hearthstone School Safety Plan   
Notice of Planned Pesticide Use   Annual notice to parents of pesticides that may be used. At least 48 hours prior to application, a notice will be visibly posted on front and rear school entrances.
Charter Complaint Form   In order to submit a complaint, complete the Charter School Complaint Form and submit the form to the charter school authorizer.